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We are proud to be an approved distributor of Mitsubishi Solar.

Team Total Solar

Here's a look at the Total Solar Team. 
  1. Travis Boschman
    Travis Boschman
    Chairman & President
    Travis is a licensed journeyman red-seal electrician. He has experience in residential, commercial and heavy industrial construction and maintenance. Travis has specialized in quality management and electrical inspections for many years. Travis' passion for solar began in his early years as an electrical apprentice wiring solar arrays for remote gas facilities.
  2. Antonio D'Aulerio P. ENG
    Antonio D'Aulerio P. ENG
    Chief Operations Officer
    Antonio is a licensed professional electrical engineer with an M.Eng in maintenance. He has a long list of experiences in construction engineering, from nuclear facilities to large multi-billion dollar oil and gas facilities. For Antonio, Solar has been a hobby and a passion for many years. If you're looking for Antonio on a weekend or evening, you'll likely find him on his acreage with an ammeter in hand, optimizing a solar array.
  1. Vicente D'Aulerio
    Vicente D'Aulerio
    Sales Manager
    Vicente has experiences in many different industries from sales to environmental and everything in-between. He also has a love for the outdoors, and wants to do anything he can to help preserve our environment.
  2. Sean Killins
    Sean Killins
    Research & Development Manager
    Sean received his bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree at the University of Victoria. With a background in electronics, he has been involved in developing new technologies for a number of different applications, including inverters for solar and wind applications. As a kid, Sean was always tearing electronics apart to understand how they worked, when he re-assembled them they usually worked better.
  1. Ten Point Electric Ltd.
    Ten Point Electric Ltd.
    Solar Installation Team
    TPEL is Total Solar's contractor of choice for solar installations, and all aspects of electrical construction. With their 15+ years electrical construction background, they ensure every installation is done right the first time. TPEL comes to us with much expertise in solar installation know-how, they are a valuable asset to the Total Solar team.
  2. Kyle Bouwknecht
    Kyle Bouwknecht
    Environmental Resources Coordinator
    Kyle is currently working towards a BSc in Environmental science with a focus on renewable energy. He has been interested in alternative energy sources for many years, and has a firm belief in the reality of a green energy future. From building solar powered usb chargers to hypothesising alternative wind turbine designs, his passions are rooted in renewables. If you were to ask him, he'd tell you he plans on being one of the faces of Canada's environmental future!